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Warm Call Toolbar

The Warm Call Toolbar "bolts" directly onto your Internet browser and makes accessing the resources featured in the Warm Call Center and in "Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling" easy and fun! Using Conduit software, your Toolbar is safe, secure, and advertising free (see Conduit's Toolbar Privacy Policy for more information).

Download the Warm Call Toolbar
Includes Uninstaller
Windows (2000/XP/Vista), Mac, Linux.


SBR Worldwide makes the Warm Call Toolbar available to you completely free of charge, with no registration.

Just click the Download button above to install your Warm Call Toolbar. The installation software will automatically notice the type of browser you're using and install the correct version. Installation should only take a moment. If you have any questions, please visit Conduit Toolbar Online Help.

Warm Call Toolbar Features

Your Warm Call Toolbar provides a number of great features to help make finding company, industry, and people information easy. Your Toolbar even features resources to help you apply what you find. Your free Warm Call Toolbar comes with:

One click access to Warm Call "Invisible Web" resources.

  • Looking for company data? Click the Company button, choose a category, and then choose a site.

  • Want industry information? Click the Industry button and instantly access the best online resources.

  • Need information on people? Choose a category and see what the Web has to offer.
Toolbar People Search

Warm Call Meta Search

  • Enter a search term in the Warm Call Search Form, click the Go button, and see Google results.

  • Enter a company name within quotation marks (e.g. "Widget Corporation") and on the results page, click the Company Search link to limit your search to pre-defined Company Info Web sites.

  • Enter an industry term (e.g. plastics) and find the best online sites related to your topic.

  • Enter a person's name within quotes (e.g. "Ed Smith") and find results from select People sites.

Warm Call Company Search

Search Result Highlighter

  • Conduct a search.

  • Click on a search result.

  • Once on the Web site, click the toolbar Highlighter Icon and the search terms you're looking for will highlight in different colors.

Search Result Highlighter

Search Instructions

  • On some browsers (e.g. Firefox), hovering over a search resource will provide site use instructions.

  • Read the instructions prior to visiting the site to learn how to best search for company, industry, and/or people information.

Search Instructions

Downloadable Resources

  • Download Warm Call Scripts to help you use information as a way of making a relevant introduction.

  • Make great first impressions at meetings, and show that you understand your prospects and their needs.

  • Use the Customer Research Management Tool to quickly organize information, and provide a snapshot glance of what's important to your prospects and clients, and what value and experience you can provide.
Warm Call Scripts and Tools

Toolbar Administration

  • Personalize your Toolbar. Use Toolbar Options and decide what resources to show. You can even add helpful components like a radio player, email notifications, weather info, and software program launchers.

  • Add Gadgets to your Toolbar including work efficiency tools, games, and more.

  • Make sure you always have the latest version of the Warm Call Toolbar via the Upgrade button.

  • Got a question? Contact the Conduit Customer Support Team through your Toolbar.

  • Tell your friends about the Toolbar.

Toolbar Administration

If you have any questions about the Warm Call Center or Toolbar, please contact us.

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